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Defend Your Skin Against The Visible Signs Of Aging

Beautiful skin is only a thought away with LaBeauté®, a skin enhancement tablet that will make your toughest critics stand up and take notice. LaBeauté® is the only holistic approach to skin care that focuses on your internal as well as external health and homeostasis.

LaBeauté® tablets may visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles due to the destructive action of free radicals or environmental abuse. This unique product works to address each aspect of skin enhancement and overall skin health.

“Beautiful skin for great times”

Bottles of 180 Tablets

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:  1 Tablet
Servings per Container: 180

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Protein and Muccopolysaccharide mixture of marine origin** 180 mg *
Aqueous Silica 60 mg *
(grape seed extract)
15 mg *
Coenzyme Q10 5 mg *
Vitamin A (69% as beta carotene) 2417 IU 48%
Vitamin C 62 mg 103%
Vitamin D 51 IU 13%
Vitamin E 25.5 IU 85%
Biotin 50 µg 17%
Selenium 83 µg 118%
Zinc 1.8mg 12%

*Daily value (DV) not yet established.
** Proprietary LaBeauté® Formulation.

Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients: (Excipients) Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium Starchglycolate, Magnesium Stearate. (Coating) Hydroxy Propyl Methylcellulose, Polyethylene Glycol, FD&C Yellow #6, Titanium Dioxide.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is intended for educational purposes for
consumers, health professionals and practitioners, and it is obtained from published
research. It is not intended to be prescriptive or to replace the care of a licensed health
professional in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.