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NoZovent ®
A safe, easy to use anti-snoring device that will improve your
sleep and create harmony with the significant other in your life.

Is someone in your life driving you crazing every night because they

can’t stop snoring? They want to stop but just don’t know how to do

it. Understandably, they don’t want to do hypnosis or take pills that

may have side effects after frequent use.

Scandinavian Formulas has a solution to this age old problem of

snoring that is effective and inexpensive. It’s called Nozovent, an

anti-snoring device developed by E.N.T. specialist, Bjorn Pertruson,

M.D. In several clinical studies, Nozovent has demonstrated

continual effectiveness to decrease snoring, help breathing, and

improve sleep. Nozovent gently widens nasal passages to increase

airflow up to 50%, dramatically reducing or eliminating snoring.

Nozovent is easy to use and has also been shown to eliminate

unhealthy mouth breathing hence reducing the dryness of

bronchial mucous. Additionally, it has been effective in minimizing

asthma/bronchitis attacks and coughing.

So, the next time you want to kick your significant other out of bed

or move to another house, remember to pick up Nozovent at your

local Health Food Store.

"Peaceful sleep for Close Encounters"

Case holder with 1 or 2 devices